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Exercise Benefits for Dogs – Belle Mead NJ

Regardless of the age, size, or breed, each dog requires regular exercise. Dogs are often dull of energy, and the energy needs to go somewhere, or else they might become prone to health issues or problematic behaviors. According to various studies, a tired dog is always better behaved, focused, calm, and understanding.

Dogs can expend their energy at a dog park being social and playing fetch. Exercise can be fun for you and an invaluable way to bond with your pup. How else can exercise benefit your pet? It’s Pawty Time has shared exercise benefits for dogs in this post. The information will help you make informed decisions about exercises for your dog.

Keeps your Pup Fit

Combined with a healthy diet, exercise is the ideal way to keep weight off your furry mate. Obesity is one of the most health concerns for dogs. It can lead to medical issues, including joint and respiratory problems. You can hire a reliable dog walker to start exercise gently and track your pup’s weight.

Generally, if you have a puppy, they should have a few short walks every day. Puppies are prone to running around spontaneously at fast speeds, commonly known as the “zoomies.” This is due to the additional energy they need to exert, which adult dogs don’t get.

Adult dogs exercise should range from 30 minutes up to 2 hours a day. Again though, it depends on your dog’s age, breed and health. Please consult with your vet before starting any exercise regimen.

Keeps your Dog Healthy

A walk every afternoon goes a long way to help your pup maintain a healthy circulatory and digestive system. It helps to lower blood pressure while building up muscle in dogs. It can also help your pup have healthier bones. Your dog also gets the chance to go to the bathroom, meaning they will be less likely to get urinary tract infection or constipation.

At It’s Pawty Time, our business is to keep up the potty training for your puppy and maintain your senior furry mate’s schedule. Our pet sitters will also maintain your routines and provide structure to back up your daily training. We are happy to listen to your instructions and ensure we keep your furry companion on schedule.

Helps with Behavioral Problems

Sitting all day long is not ideal for your dog. If you leave your dog alone in the house or yard and forget to take them out for a walk or run, frustrations tend to creep in.  Luckily, exercise helps your dog avoid becoming bored. It helps to alleviate boredom, and behaviors such as chewing furniture or digging holes.

At It’s Pawty Time, we believe that regular exercise can do wonders for your pup’s mental health. Parks such as Colonial Park, Mountain View Park, or Duke Island Park have great trails for longer walks for you and your dog. This helps to alleviate their anxiety as they get regular socialization with other pups also getting exercise. With such exercise, they also receive endorphins that allow them to be happy and get a natural high.

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