02 Jul

Why Swimming is Great Exercise for your Dog

These are a few of the benefits of dogs swimming. Swimming is a non-weight bearing, low-impact, and non-concussive exercise. This means your dog can enjoy all the benefits without putting stress on their joints and tendons. Plus, the buoyancy of the water takes on most of your dog’s weight when he/she is submerged, which supports their body and relieves their bones from the regular impact experienced on land.


All dogs need regular exercise to remain healthy. Swimming provides excellent exercise for your canine companion, and provides both muscle strengthening and a good cardiovascular workout.

Swimming is also a great way for dogs to burn off extra energy. This is helpful for all dogs, but especially helpful for dogs that have lots of energy. The exercise they get while swimming helps to stem behavioral problems that arise from pent up energy. Just one minute of swimming equates to four minutes of running! It provides numerous health benefits, including strengthening the heart and lungs, decreasing inflammation, increasing metabolism, and improving circulation which helps keep the skin and coat healthy.

Overweight Dogs – Swimming is a safe activity for overweight pups to burn calories and increase their metabolism without the risk of injury- all while being supported by the buoyancy of the water. When your dog is swimming, he/she is using every major muscle group, which improves overall tone and strength. 


Dogs need stimulation just like humans. A dog that is bored may be unhappy and may engage in destructive behavior. Swimming provides stimulation for dogs. You can increase the stimulation that your pet experiences while swimming by joining them in the water and playing together.

Not only is swimming great for your dog’s physical health, it also improves their mental wellbeing. Just like humans, dogs need mental stimulation in the form of play, fun, and varied activities that differ from the norm to help them stay sharp and happy.


Summer temperatures may make it difficult to exercise your dog outdoors. Swimming is the perfect warm weather exercise for dogs because it allows them to cool down while also enjoying some exercise.


It is important to remember some safety guidelines before allowing your dog to swim. Some dogs are not good swimmers. If your pet struggles with swimming, you can use a safety vest designed for dogs. This will help the dog stay afloat and assure that they have a good time. It is also important to be sure that the water where your pet is swimming will be safe. Natural bodies of water may be home to dangerous animals or may be polluted. Swimming is a non-weight bearing, low-impact, and non-concussive exercise. This means your dog can enjoy all the benefits without putting stress on their joints and tendons.

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